jueves, 26 de enero de 2012


So, if I look back to us I see pain. I can even feel the pain you caused me. But, if I take a deeper look I see you. I see a better man, I see a man that I don't really know why, but completes me.
Once a read a book about a love story. She was in love with two different guys but she had to pick one. She was confused about her feelings but she made up her mind and picked. She picked well, REALLY well, of course. But that was just a book. The thing is that those both guys where soulmates for her, BOTH.
After reading that I read this magazine, in this case about LIFE, not love. This very spiritual magazine published an article about soulmates, and I knew at that moment that I was looking at the truth. It said that we all have soulmates, not one, maybe two, three or four. We are souls that travel along the universe, the time, the lifetimes, just looking for that another soul that really makes us happy. The person that carries that soul could be a friend, a parent, a couple. You see him/her and it's like watching a very interesting tv show about his/her life and what he/she can do with yours.
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that those souls are staying together. This kind of bond is passionate, and because of that it's complicated.

Thinking about this I reached to this conclusion: You are one of my soulmates, that's why is hard for me to let you go everytime I have to. BUT unfortunately, we are not made to be together, at least in this moment or lifetime.

I guess I was right a few years ago saying that you may be the one I can't forget.

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